Lauren Child


Lauren Child grew up in Wiltshire as the middle child of three sisters and the daughter of two teachers. She has always been interested in the many aspects of childhood, from gazing into toy shop windows to watching American children’s shows from the 1960s. After attending two Art Schools, where Lauren admits that she did not learn much, she travelled for six months, still unsure about which career to embark upon.

Before Lauren starting writing and illustrating children’s books she started her own company ‘Chandeliers for the People’ making exotic, elegant lampshades. It was only when she came to write and illustrate the book Clarice Bean, That’s Me that she decided to devote her time to writing and illustrating books for children, which combines her fascination for childhood and her talent for designing and creating. Lauren gets her inspiration from other people’s conversations or from seeing something funny happen.

I managed to buy a copy of the book on the above link from Ebay, and im glad that i did as I feel even more inspired by Lauren Child’s work. As with Sara Fanelli, I am fascinated by the use of mixed media added to the illustrations. I think it add a beautiful contrast to the images and I also love the way that Lauren shows that certain illustrations have been cut out and scanned in, by taking a closer look at the above image you will see the white outline of the paper from where the illustration was cut.

Lauren Child’s new girl detective

Lauren Child is best known for creating Charlie and Lola but, as Gaby Wood   discovers, her new girl-detective Ruby Redfort is closer to her heart

Lauren Child is something of a rock star among author-illustrators: her   characters have launched a thousand offshoots, from TV tie-ins to stationery   and upholstery fabric. Yet while Charlie and Lola and Clarice Bean are best   known for their charm, wonky logic and quirkily collaged surroundings,   perhaps Child’s greatest gift is a near-total recall of the mortifications   of childhood.

Lauren Child will be appearing at the Hay Festival on June 2 at 9am. To book   tickets, go to


About bonny83

I am currently studying at Glyndwr University, North Wales School of Art and Design. Design Communication is the main subject body while also looking at a large variety of the many forms of Art. My main interest is illustration and I am considering illustration for children's books for the future. Art and Design has always been a huge part of my life and i am enjoying taking things further for a possible career.

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    • Im glad you said that, Holly, the playful style is what I like too!! I also love the way she mixes media with actual life things and illustrated things 🙂

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