Scott McCloud


Scott McCloud has been writing and drawing comics professionally since 1984. His first series, Zot!, garnered multiple nominations in the prestigious Harvey and Eisner awards. His book Understanding Comics was a New York Times Notable book for 1994, and has since been translated into over 16 languages.

McCloud began the international 24-Hour Comics movement, wrote the influential Bill of Rights for Comics Creators, and is one of the very first American comics artist to incorporate manga influences into his work—nearly 20 years before manga exploded onto the American comics industry.

Throughout the 1990s, McCloud was an ardent supporter of webcomics. His theories have been influential in game, web, and interface design. He has lectured on comics and digital media at Google, MIT, Pixar, Microsoft, and the Smithsonian Institution. In 2008 he drew a comic introducing Google’s new browser, Chrome.

In recent years, McCloud launched a series of seminars on the art of storytelling through comics, culminating in his 2006 book, Making Comics. He is currently beginning work on a graphic novel; his first original work of fiction intended for print in nine years. Frank Miller (Sin City, 300) has described McCloud as “just about the smartest guy in comics.” Locus magazine called him “arguably, the most important cartoonist alive.”

Scott McCloud is somebody who I have Really Taken an interest in. After briefly looking at his work I went on to further research at my local libraries and even buying comics that he has created from Ebay. I love the way that some of his sketches and illustration are very basic but manage to show a perfect representation of the story etc.

Taking a closer look;

This is the ‘ZOT!’ comic I bought off Ebay, it is no. 22 and the origional price would have been $2.00. I t was made in October 1988 by Eclipse Comics. For a comic that is that old it is in excellent condition !! This is page 1, looking at this page and the cover, I’ve noticed that Scott McCloud tends to make use of the full-page. that is not always the case as I looked through the comic but it is a lot of the time. The inside of the comic is black and white so i do like the fact that the cover is in colour. I am mostly interested in page 1, though, as he seems to have kept the main illustration at the bottom of the page but I think it works well as you still seem to be drawn to it.


About bonny83

I am currently studying at Glyndwr University, North Wales School of Art and Design. Design Communication is the main subject body while also looking at a large variety of the many forms of Art. My main interest is illustration and I am considering illustration for children's books for the future. Art and Design has always been a huge part of my life and i am enjoying taking things further for a possible career.

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