ARD503 The Message, That Looks Dangerous….


Required to work with a given dialogue, illustrate a basic story line which includes at least 2 characters, create a sequence of illustrations or comic strip.

From what I recall, a  fun brief that required lots of imagination. I found this brief relatively easier than the last few that I have described,  probably due to the barriers I had overcome within them and everything I have learned from working on them. I concentrated on making full use of my selected imagery chosen for research to enable myself to create the illustration direct from my mind. The characters for the illustration were a family of spiders, a Gran and Grandson, who lived in a bathroom so photos of bathrooms was essential to draw from. I had fun getting these photos sneakily in-store at B &Q ( thanks to my partner, Michael), at my mother’s house and also my own bathroom…positioning myself around an empty bath tub is not a good look but does enable essential photographic angles from a spiders point of view!!

Getting the right image research proved to be a very important part of the illustrative process as i Learned at this point, I knew I had it right as my visual ideas seemed to be flowing freely so I was able to draw throughout this brief quite fluently.

Denbighshire-20130111-00113 Denbighshire-20130111-00114 Denbighshire-20130111-00118 Denbighshire-20130111-00120Photos from B & Q.

Denbighshire-20130111-03587 Denbighshire-20130111-03586 Denbighshire-20130111-03585 Denbighshire-20130111-03584 Denbighshire-20130111-03590

Sadly ( haha) there is no picture of me taking the photos….

Denbighshire-20130120-03611 img095 img155 img156 img157


BA6wyXeCEAAvSKc.jpg large BA6w22uCQAAasGJ.jpg large BA6w7klCQAAxkxH.jpg large BA6v7_8CMAAOtfn.jpg large I decided id like to have a try with ink for these illustrations and some thicker paper to be able to hold the ink, i found it very easy to use, and seem to relate to the Sepia color, I am not sure why that specific color but I just know I feel at ease with it for now.

gran plug img164 (2) img160



This is definitely a brief I will go back to progress in the future, I had so much fun created the story and characters and also enjoyed the use of ink.


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