When you have a busy life style it can be really difficult applying inspiration to your life but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Getting out and about is fairly easy when you have a family as you can take children to galleries and there is so much inspiration in the great out doors such as castles, lakes, well the possibilities are endless.

Other ways of I find inspiration are on the internet. I use a number of sites to feed my artistic side, even sites such as Facebook and twitter, depending on who you chose to add or follow. For Example, by following artists and illustrators, your main wall or news feed will be full of inspirational people every time you log in.Some interesting people on Facebook who i keep an eye on are Christopher Lee’s Art World, I enjoy watching his work and creations progress and Jim Hunt Illustration who i love to follow as he has his style but applies every day life to his drawings.

One particular site I find amazing is Pinterest, this site was recommended to me by a good friend and fellow student, and Graphic Designer, Rachel Burns. The site is always full of fresh and new ideas and it is one of the first places i go to for all inspiration and research ideas.

I have many Friends who also inspire me in many ways, it would probably take some time to list them but they do know who they are, so it is important to surround yourself with these kids of friends, people who you can turn to for ideas, mental blocks or all round inspiration.

Inspiring Books….



This book was recommended by one of my tutors, Sue. I have just bought the book off Amazon and haven’t had chance to look at it properly yet but I am sure it will come in very handy when applying color to my future briefs.


Three by Three Illustration Annual No. 4

The Three by Three illustration annual, recommended by one of my tutors, Dan, is full of mixed styles of illustration. I managed to buy myself this particular book from the collection and it is something I use often.

Thinking further about color, I can recall Dan suggesting a site to use for help when applying color to illustrations, KULER. The site, from Adobe, is a fantastic way to add inspiring color to your work!!

Another inspiring site is Etsy, on Etsy you can buy and sell anything from created items to illustrations. I also use the site as a point of inspiration as you can see first hand what people within the creative society are illustrating today.


About bonny83

I am currently studying at Glyndwr University, North Wales School of Art and Design. Design Communication is the main subject body while also looking at a large variety of the many forms of Art. My main interest is illustration and I am considering illustration for children's books for the future. Art and Design has always been a huge part of my life and i am enjoying taking things further for a possible career.

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