It’s been a while….


Well it has been some time since I have blogged. It is amazing how time flies when you get roped into life but I do have a lot to catch up on, as I noticed when I looked into my laptop this morning!! It has been a job itself to sort out, I have been so busy I have been throwing pictures and files any where and every where just to store them! so I have spent the morning putting everything in it’s own file and place! ‘phew!’ Glad that’s over! The next job is to blog everything…so here goes!!

So what have I been up to? Out side of Uni I have a lot to tend to, being a mum for a start, I don’t suppose I have to go into too much detail with that as I’m sure it is pretty much self explanatory but on a good note, my 11year old son, Levi, is such an inspiration to me and my Art. In the future, I hope to illustrate some of his funny childhood ways to share with the world how he makes me laugh. Levi’s main interest right now is Call of Duty-Black ops or C.O.D. as he calls it. He has asked for his bedroom to be decorated to that particular theme so that is something I am looking forward to working on.

I have recently had my living room decorated, and I have had fun adding some ‘artist’ touches to finish it off such as a clock to represent Salvador Dali.

I found this cute little clock on Amazon at a great price and so I had to have it. Something else I found on amazon was some Typographic script that I also wanted to display in my newly decorated living room, that was also quite cheap.


So, that is the living room pretty much summed up. I have spent a huge portion of my time trying to pass my driving test!! and eventually did it in November!! Having been so excited that i have passed eventually, instead of applying that extra time usefully, I have been driving anywhere and anywhere!! Manchester has been the most popular place I have been visiting, as well as having family there my partner, mike, and I have taken Levi to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, where we had an amazing time and learned so much, over all it was a fantastic day for the family and I would recommend it as it is free too. We also spent new years eve at Albert square n Manchester and what an amazing event that was!!

In November I went into Rhyl and took a look in the Library there as they often display different art works, and on that particular occasion they had a display titled ‘Gold Work’ which was amazing to look at.


About bonny83

I am currently studying at Glyndwr University, North Wales School of Art and Design. Design Communication is the main subject body while also looking at a large variety of the many forms of Art. My main interest is illustration and I am considering illustration for children's books for the future. Art and Design has always been a huge part of my life and i am enjoying taking things further for a possible career.

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