Me and my style…..


Finding my own unique style has proved difficult, as I have been searching for something that has always been there! I mean, really, how can you find something that you keep looking past? The past year at uni has been a battle for me. How do i draw? how should I draw? what should I draw? Is it right? I think its wrong…and that’s just a few of the demons that have been running around my mind, whilst drawing from one extreme to another. Maybe I have endured creative block? Maybe the whole battle had to take place for me to realise who I want to be as an artist? There is a huge list of what if’s and maybe’s but what I do know for sure is that I now know which path to take! The path is a rocky one, with lots of room for improvement, but it’s a start 🙂

My future drawing will just be me…drawing. no hidden agender, no stress, and not what I think it should look like. I think my style represents me as a person, scatty, untidy at times (most of the time), I am not perfect so nor shall my illustrations be perfect. They will represent life, as I see life. Color that doesn’t quite reach the lines or even crosses over the lines and comedy…as I find the smallest things amusing so maybe I should show the world my silly side through my illustration. I am sketchy and my emotions rule my life at times and so this is me…this should also be my style.

I have had to define and separate what I enjoy doing and what comes naturally, I enjoy illustrating digitally but my scatty sketchy style comes naturally.

I didn’t manage to create final pieces in the last term, which effected my assessment mark dramatically, but I am not too worried about that as I think I have learned an enormous amount about myself as an artist and so I am keen to start the next and final year and excited to watch my self blossom as an illustrator.


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