Sycra- Illustration Tutorials


It is the last summer holiday during my time at Glyndwr University and I know that this is the last chance I have to boost my skills, feed my imagination and pretty much build my ammunition to prepare myself for my final year as an illustration student. Its my last chance to prepare myself to give my final year everything I have got and that is what my intention is.

As well as getting out and about to absorb inspiration and fill my mind with beautiful works of art, I am also applying myself to self study tutorials, not only to strengthen my illustrations, but to keep myself motivated and broaden my minds learning capacity.

As I am looking into ‘how the insecurities of the artist inhibit creative potential’ I am fully aware that these points are crucial for artists on their journey.

So, after browsing through the internet I came across SYCRA on Youtube. I found myself so excited as when I browsed through the tutorial videos of illustration, not only did I find tutorials that delve into detail about points relevant to me ,at this point in time in my artistic journey, but also videos describing his perception of artists block! (which will contribute to my dissertation) My excitement does tend to over rule my mind and so therefor, here I am telling the world about Sycra and his illustration tutorials!! ๐Ÿ˜€

I plan to watch all of the tutorials and practice what I have learned from them, but up until now I would like to show the ones that I have seen.

Composition no.8-

foreground, mid-ground and background

This tutorial I thought was fantastic, and although it describes subjects that my tutors have covered, I do feel I have taken the information from the video on board somewhat easier than the way in which my tutors described.

How to draw in your own style-

Style is something I admittedly haven’t seemed to get my head around but this tutorial has been a fantastic example of what it is all about!!

Breaking through Artists block-

And the final video, covering Artist’s Block! For me, this very video is a break through for my dissertation!! please take the time to take a look at Sycra’s tutorials, you will not be disappointed!!!





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  1. Omg the style thing for me too, I can’t seem to settle for one stye and Sue keeps telling me I have to pick one….how you supposed to know? lol

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