As an illustrator, Artist, Human Being, I have encountered many difficulties during my studies withing my creative journey. I didn’t realize that having little confidence and low self esteem could effect my my chances of fulfilling my goals and dream of becoming an illustrator, and so my tutor suggested that I look at that subject area for my dissertation. His way of thinking was that I would be able to investigate other artists to see how they tackled their insecurities and still be able to fulfill their goals.

The question?

How can the insecurities of the artist inhibit creative potential?

This is the question I worked by for my dissertation. I have not yet received my results but if I am honest, I have gained a great insight not only into other artists and their insecurities but about myself, my insecurities, making myself aware of them and how I can move forward- not only as an individual but as an artist and hopefully a qualified illustrator.

When I began my investigation, I tried to look at a variety of artists and insecurities because there is a wide spectrum of the art industry covering music, painting, poetry and much more.

I found it difficult to narrow down the information into just one dissertation essay and had to focus on prioritizing what information was necessary as the more more I discovered, the more interested i became in the wide variety of artists and inhibitions. I found the Right and Left Hemisphere a very interesting subject to explore and I could have easily delved into the scientific and physiological sectors that the hemispheres entail, and again with Creative block. I only had chance to briefly skim across these subjects for the matter of the essay but for the sake of my knowledge and further learning they are like a tip of an iceberg that I can return to at any time for my own personal gain.

Bob Dylan and Jackson Pollock were some of the artists I investigated, I was highly drawn to Jackson Pollock and felt that I could have based the whole dissertation on him as an individual let alone his creative journey. I was very intrigued by the life style and mental heath difficulties that Pollock lived through and I’m sure that any future essays will be based on him!!

Some of the insecurities that I didn’t get chance to write about was the Jonah complex and procrastination. I would have like to look at Tina Turner but I really had to prioritize.

Having said that There was a lot of areas that I didn’t get chance to cover almost makes me feel like taking them on for the sake of mt ow benefit…i’m sure that is something that I will bare in my next time I have some free time.

I have revealed further info from my dissertation, which you will find a short distance down my blog, that includes books that I used and some more detail so feel free to take a look 🙂 .




So what tips can I offer for tackling the dissertation?

*Firstly, does it benefit you? have a think about your level of interest on your chosen subject matter, I can assure you that if your interest is limit then you may struggle.

*Start early. Start as soon as possible, leaving you plenty of time for research, investigations, breaks and anything else that prevents you from working, Leaving things until last minute is a weakness of mine but I am grateful that my tutor advised that we work over the summer ready to tackle the initial essay after the holiday.

*Will you or anyone else gain from it? knowing that you will learn from the information you find is another key to keeping the interest flowing throughout your research and essay.

*Prioritize! Try to remember to include information that is required and relevant to the  question you are trying to answer. Prioritize your essay, when its done..its done!!

*Categorize. Make a list of categories, prerequisites, bu doing so you will be making a whole essay into smaller sections and there fore it will be easier to work by.

*Variety. Add variety to your research, watch films, listen to pod casts, read books and newspapers, browse the web and interview people

*Mind map and make lots of notes

*Question. make a list of questions that you require to research, what do  you want to know? why? who? how? when?




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