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Final Module..


The last few weeks of my time at Glyndwr University are flying fast!! It wont be much longer before that chapter of my life ends ready for a new one to begin! My final assessment will roughly be around 8th May and then I am due to have my baby on 15th!!! So right now, every minute of everyday is very valuable to ensure I am ready for that final assessment but also ready for the new edition of my family to enter the world!

Just briefly, I have been very lucky with this pregnancy as everything has run smoothly and therefore I have still been able to carry on working on my degree.

The final module is mostly based on portraying a professional practice with my work so that when I leave my studies, I will be ready fr the big, wide world of illustration. Some of the things that are required to show my professional side are designing a website, creating and printing business cards and postcards and creating a portfolio to a professional standard. If I am honest, a few weeks ago I didn’t feel ready to build a website, It wasn’t really that long ago that I discovered my natural drawing style and therefore I didn’t feel that I would have enough of that style to display within a website. I went ahead with the website anyway as it was part of the module and I’m glad I did! It has given me a new goal and more to aim for, I feel quite excited that I actually have my own website and find some inspiration and drive to draw more illustrations to fill it.

You can see my cards on my Twitter page and I have also created a Facebook page!ย The Facebook page is brand new but I am working at filing it up very soon.

I have been looking at Children’s Education for the final module, to complete the negotiated study number 2 and I am really excited about the characters that I have created so be sure to follow the next few post where I will upload the process of creating them!!




London Serco Competition


I was working on a competition distributed by London Transport Serco and although I did complete the brief and enter the competition, I felt that that my final illustration didn’t quite meet the criteria of the brief. I don’t feel dis-heartened by that though, as I felt that I discovered quite a lot about my drawing style and also that my style is still developing at a very slow pace!! The brief took lots of turns and twists and I came to love the little characters that I had developed towards the end.

I began looking at time machines to try and portray the time over the years within London but also changed midway to the history of London transport shown together.

img253 img254 img255 img256 img258 img267 img268 new bike print new bike



Sycra- Illustration Tutorials


It is the last summer holiday during my time at Glyndwr University and I know that this is the last chance I have to boost my skills, feed my imagination and pretty much build my ammunition to prepare myself for my final year as an illustration student. Its my last chance to prepare myself to give my final year everything I have got and that is what my intention is.

As well as getting out and about to absorb inspiration and fill my mind with beautiful works of art, I am also applying myself to self study tutorials, not only to strengthen my illustrations, but to keep myself motivated and broaden my minds learning capacity.

As I am looking into ‘how the insecurities of the artist inhibit creative potential’ I am fully aware that these points are crucial for artists on their journey.

So, after browsing through the internet I came across SYCRA on Youtube. I found myself so excited as when I browsed through the tutorial videos of illustration, not only did I find tutorials that delve into detail about points relevant to me ,at this point in time in my artistic journey, but also videos describing his perception of artists block! (which will contribute to my dissertation) My excitement does tend to over rule my mind and so therefor, here I am telling the world about Sycra and his illustration tutorials!! ๐Ÿ˜€

I plan to watch all of the tutorials and practice what I have learned from them, but up until now I would like to show the ones that I have seen.

Composition no.8-

foreground, mid-ground and background

This tutorial I thought was fantastic, and although it describes subjects that my tutors have covered, I do feel I have taken the information from the video on board somewhat easier than the way in which my tutors described.

How to draw in your own style-

Style is something I admittedly haven’t seemed to get my head around but this tutorial has been a fantastic example of what it is all about!!

Breaking through Artists block-

And the final video, covering Artist’s Block! For me, this very video is a break through for my dissertation!! please take the time to take a look at Sycra’s tutorials, you will not be disappointed!!!




Me and my style…..


Finding my own unique style has proved difficult, as I have been searching for something that has always been there! I mean, really, how can you find something that you keep looking past? The past year at uni has been a battle for me. How do i draw? how should I draw? what should I draw? Is it right? I think its wrong…and that’s just a few of the demons that have been running around my mind, whilst drawing from one extreme to another. Maybe I have endured creative block? Maybe the whole battle had to take place for me to realise who I want to be as an artist? There is a huge list of what if’s and maybe’s but what I do know for sure is that I now know which path to take! The path is a rocky one, with lots of room for improvement, but it’s a start ๐Ÿ™‚

My future drawing will just be me…drawing. no hidden agender, no stress, and not what I think it should look like. I think my style represents me as a person, scatty, untidy at times (most of the time), I am not perfect so nor shall my illustrations be perfect. They will represent life, as I see life. Color that doesn’t quite reach the lines or even crosses over the lines and comedy…as I find the smallest things amusing so maybe I should show the world my silly side through my illustration. I am sketchy and my emotions rule my life at times and so this is me…this should also be my style.

I have had to define and separate what I enjoy doing and what comes naturally, I enjoy illustrating digitally but my scatty sketchy style comes naturally.

I didn’t manage to create final pieces in the last term, which effected my assessment mark dramatically, but I am not too worried about that as I think I have learned an enormous amount about myself as an artist and so I am keen to start the next and final year and excited to watch my self blossom as an illustrator.